Don't just get listed on G-Cloud 10, get selling!

Start building relationships with CIOs from the get go and increase your chances to sell with our latest white paper! 

With G-Cloud 10 just around the corner (18th of April according to the latest!), the need to get going with your public sector sales strategy is burning more than ever. Just having a listing is not enough. You need to start thinking what next.

In this white paper you'll get some actionable tips on engaging CIOs from the onset using G-Cloud 10 as a spring board. And, who better to tell you how to do it than one the most innovative and influential ex- CIOs, Jos Creese. 

Find out how to:

  • Use IT legacy binds to inform your approach 
  • Align with CIO Challenges 
  • Selling Solutions, not just Products - One we can't stress enough! 
G-cloud 10 Jos Creese.png
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