Get to know how to make the most of being on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

This expert guide covers: 

For those listed on DOS currently and looking to use it to open doors to public sector opportunities, we've made a useful guide. Our bid writing specialist Sarah Hinchliffe has combined her 35 year+ experience in to one insightful guide, giving insight into how to craft successful bids and make sure you're responding to the right opportunities on the framework. In short, explaining how to increase your chances of winning business when using Digital Outcomes and Specialists!

And when Digital Outcomes 6 (DO6) rolls around and goes Live in 2022, these top tips and expert guidance will still be essential. The way in which suppliers need to attack their bid strategies is important. This guide will help you make the first steps.

  • How to create a bid that buyers will love
  • The best practice for qualifying suitable opportunities
  • The myths of Digital Outcomes and Specialists and why they need stamping out
  • and more.

We hope you enjoy it!